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Adelanto Elementary School District Staff Directory

Last Updated: 11/5/2021 9:46 PM

11824 Air Expressway, Adelanto, CA 92301
Switchboard: (760) 246-8691 (Extensions and E-Mail addresses are below.)

Kennon Mitchell, Ph.D.

To contact the Superintendent, please e-mail or call Xenia Lovett

Assistant to the Superintendent
Xenia Lovett,, x10217

Public Information Officer
Stephen Quintero,, x10238

District Receptionist
Cherie Humphrey,, x 10200


Academic Services

Assistant Superintendent, Academic Services
Dr. Tasha Doizan x 10215

Sandra Alamillo x 10215

Director of Academic Services
Carol Coburn

Director State & Federal Programs
Naché Thompson

Curriculum & Instruction Coordinators
Lori Latimer x 10281

Jahnylyn Malana x 10221

Ivonne Mateos x 10675

Mary Carnes x 10250

Wendy Davies x 10213

Enrollment Services

Database Programmer Analyst/CalPADS
Michael Barrett x 10220

Central Enrollment Specialist
Karen Evers x 10284

Central Enrollment Clerks
Isela "Lily" Alfaro x 10289

Kellie Flores x 10283

Special Education Services

Michael Baird x 10245

Alicia Johnson x10668

Regina Aguilera x10665

Dave Bowden x 10661

Dan Cullier x 10658

Wendy Harris x10657

Jamie Ohashi x 10671

Veronica Duran x 10650

Teresa Espinoza x 10664

Rebeca Median x 10669

Adriana Rodriguez x 10651

Language Assessment
Guadalupe Mejia x 10695

Occupational Therapist
Mary Murrah-Alexander X 10652

Adaptive Physical Education
Justin Harper x 10674

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Evelyn Guerra x 10675

Melissa Anderson x 10652

SPED Nurse
Yvette Huerta x 10670

Gladys Farje-Solis x 10253

Jose Mora x 10676

Student Support Services

Vacant x 10243

Veronica Montielh x 10243

School Attendance Officer/School Attendance Review Board
Brenda Holtz x 10655

Julie De La Torre x 10286

Homeless Liason
Norma Leanos-Medina x 10656

Foster Care Counselor
Charise Oliva x 10214

Julia Ramirez x 10246

District Nurse
Cynthia Naberman x 10654


Business Services

Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
Michael Krause x 10200

Executive Assistant I
Veronica Montielh x 10243

Fiscal Services

Director of Fiscal Services
Zach Klemish x 10270

Accounts Payable
Alicia Dencker x 10239

Keiry Ewing x 10228

Sylvia Hayes x 10270

Lori McMillen x 10202

Fax: (760) 246-4201

Mona Montenegro x 10267

Janet O'Dell x 10237

Fax: (760) 246-6226

Shane Adcock x 10299

Jason Hughes x 10297

Child Nutrition Services

Director of Child Nutrition
Julie Calderon x 10317

Field Supervisor
Rochelle Chavez x 10320

Bertha Sais x 10316

Karla Mateos x 10323

Production Coordinator
Crystal Martinez x 10315

Jeanette Wheeler x 10317

CNS Accounts Payable
Zabria Hernandez x 10324

Lupe Perez x 13021

Support Technician
Angel Estrada x 10319

Information Technology Services

Technology Manager
Chris Arango

Interim Manager of ITS & Network Systems Analyst
Michael Assumma x 10222

Jeanette Acosta x 10222

I.T. Liaison
Greg Wurst x 10222

Support Technicians
Chaz Chao x 10222

Austin Duran x 102222

Stuart Peace x 10222

Anthony Sinatra x 10222

Johnathan Rodriguez

Maintenance & Operation Services

Supervisor of Maintenance & Operations
Richard Krejckant x 10231

Maintenance & Operations Coordinator
Phillip Gonzales x 10229

Erica Garcia

Tad Williams x 10226

HVAC Specialist
Oscar Cisneros x 10241

Raymond Gonzalez x 10241

Building Maintenance
Jeff King x 10232

Scott Pritchett x 10234

Gabriel Mares x 10236

Eugene Fricioni x 10236

Angel Gomez x 10236

Andrew Kack x 10236

Gregory Knapp x 10236

Matthew White x 10236

Risk Management & Safety

Director of Risk Management
Josie Stejepovic x 10208

Transportation Services

Transportation Supervisor
Ruth Fairley x 10262

Transportation Coordinator
Michele McGraw x 10258

Transportation Secretary
Maria Bamba x 10262


Human Resource Services

Assistant Superintendent, Human Resource Services
Carlos Moran x 10261

Executive Assistant I
Ireri Peralta x 10667

HR Fax: (760) 246-3372

Certificated Personnel

Credential Personnel Analyst
Dana Curtis x 10257

Personnel Technician (Certificated)
Kim Nelson x 10206

IPRC Representative
Rebecca Bykoski x 10209

Classified Personnel

Personnel Specialist
Alejandra Gonzalez x10242

Personnel Technician

Worker's Comp & Benefits Coordinator
Melanie Olson-Zavala x 10223