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Last Updated: 2/5/2021 9:45 PM

Union Contracts & Benefits

Employee contracts, work-year calendars, and memorandums of understanding (MOUs) are located in each respective Human Resources Bargaining Unit.

Certificated Staff - Credentialed personnel, including Teachers, Certificated Administrators (i.e. Principals, Assistant Principals, Deans, Directors, Coordinators), Speech Pathologists, and Counselors.  Most of these employees maintain a teaching or administrative credential to remain employed which is why they're referred to as Certificated.  Certificated Staff are members of the Adelanto District Teachers Association (ADTA).

Classified Staff - Non-instructional employees of the district.  This includes Office Secretaries, Clerks, Security, Paraprofessionals, Custodial, Maintenance, CNS (Food Services), Transportation, and other staff roles.  Classified Staff are members of the California School Employees Association (CSEA).

Substitutes: please click on the link above that matches your temporary assignment.  (Certificated for Teachers, Classified for Office Staff & Maintenance.)

For Payroll Schedules, Health Benefits, Cafeteria, and Savings Plans, visit Benefits & Workers' Compensation below.

Staff Basic Services

Absence Reporting System
(Online Substitute System)
Ph: (760) 530-4788
(Report any Absence/Sick Time,
or to receive a Substitute Assignment)
Outlook Web App
for Email
(Email, Calendar,
Task Organizer, District
SBCSS Employee Self
Service Website
(Pay Stubs, Remaining
Vac./Sick Balances, W-4s)

Doc Hub Training Video Image 

DocHub Training Video

Work Order Systems


ITWO System

I.T. Department 
(For computer, software or data issues.)


OPRA System

M & O Department 
(For building, facilities or premise issues.)


Translation Services
(Accessible at Work Only.)


Common Forms

Form Link

Absence Report - Certificated


Absence Report - Classified


Absence Report - Substitute

Certificated Contract Time Report 2020 View
Certificated Substitute Time Report 2020 View
Certificated Weekly Absence Report View

Classified Contract Overtime

Classified Substitute Time Sheet View
Classified Weekly Absence Report View
Contract Payroll Schedule 2020-21 View
DE-4 - Withholding Allowance (for California State Income Tax) View
Electronic Fund Transfer View
Home Hospital Hours of Instruction Time Sheet 2021 View
IRS W-4 (2021) View

SIS Database

Aeries Logo
Aeries Web from home (For Teachers and Office Staff Access Only.)
Aeries Web from work (Will not work off-site.)

Staff who are parents of AESD Students, to see your child's information, please visit the Parent Portal.


Teachers: Aeries Gradebook Training Video

Aeries Gradebook Training Video

Important Links

This area is for Teachers & Staff access to Student Programs.  If you are a Student, use these links to login instead.

Clever logo
The majority of our programs can be accessed through Clever - login with your address and password, then pick the program you want to use.

CAASPP - California's State Testing Program from the California Department of Education

ELPAC - Student Login for ELPAC Practice and Training Tests

ELPAC - Teacher DFAs for ELPAC Practice and Training Tests

Teacher Login to Moodle - for Speaking Practice and Training Tests and to Calibrate for the Initial and Summative ELPAC (requires you to create an account and input Examiner Key)

PFT Fitness Area Test Option Videos

Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Overview

ConnectED - McGrawHill Publishing Online Services

Desert/Mountain SELPA - San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Special Ed Agency (Site is offline: WebIEP can be reached here temporarily.)

Follett Destiny - Library Management Service

HMH Central - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Online Services

IO Education/EADMS - Student Analytics & Assessment Service - Holt Rineheart Winston Publishing Online Services (as Holt McDougal Online)

MyLexia - Rosetta Stone's K-5 ELA Program

Renaissance Place (Ren Learn) - Accelerated Reader Program

ThinkCentral - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Online Services

ERWC Online - Expository Reading and Writing Course

Safety & Compliance Training

Target Solutions - Risk Management Compliance Training Service

Safety Matters - CSJPA - "Safety Bill" Newsletters

Benefits & Workers' Compensation

Risk Management, Benefits & Safety Department - Includes Benefits Summaries, Medical Plan Info, & Workers' Compensation Policy.
Payroll Department - Payment Forms, Salary Schedules & FAQ regarding Monthly Payroll policies.

Curriculum Information for Teachers

Assessment Calendar, Pacing Guides, Standards Alignment Documents

NCLB Study Guide

NCLB study guide

 Academic Enrichment for Staff